Asset Sales

RAzOR Capital is a seller of consumer receivables, distressed debt and NPLs. RAzOR sells portfolios of debt that it has purchased to other high caliber, experienced buyers of debt portfolios. RAzOR has extensive contacts that it leverages for portfolio purchasing. RAzOR then from time to time will employ a strategy of selling the portfolios downstream to other buyers during the life cycle of the portfolio. RAzOR also sells niche portfolios to niche buyers. Due to the extensive coverage that it has across the debt industry the company generally has portfolios available for secondary buyers of debt.

RAzOR Capital is very sensitive to important obligations placed upon debt sellers. RAzOR acts with integrity in regard to all deals that are offered and sold to purchasing partners. RAzOR understands the importance of a direct and clean chain of title for all deals as well as the importance for clear standards on media availability. These items are addressed clearly in all debt sales done by the company. RAzOR prides itself on strong post-sales support for all transactions and there is a team available to handle all post-sales work at RAzOR.

RAzOR will make general market offerings for portfolio sales as well as negotiate direct point to point exclusive offerings for select customers and partners. RAzOR is interested in win-win relationships with buyers and many former buyers are now long-term strategic partners for the company. References are available upon request for any potential customer and partner.

Please contact us if you are interested in portfolio sales from RAzOR Capital. We will send you an NDA and keep you up to date on general offerings. We are also open to discussions about exclusive offerings that you may be looking for to help you succeed with your debt buying business!

asset sales