About Us

RAzOR Capital is a buyer and seller of consumer receivables, distressed debt and NPL portfolios. Since its inception RAzOR has purchased portfolios directly from credit issuers in North America and Europe. In 2016 Razor transitioned its focus exclusively to non-US portfolios.

RAzOR has distinct market advantages due to its use of data to drive decision making and to monitor business operations, its capital funding structure and its highly experienced management team. These advantages have resulted in a long track record of substantial and profitable debt purchases. Due to its reputation, performance and ability to close deals, RAzOR is often able to source unique deals and investments.

From time to time, RAzOR will make general market offerings for portfolio sales as well as negotiate direct point to point exclusive offerings for select customers and partners. RAzOR is interested in win-win relationships with buyers and many former buyers are now long-term strategic partners for the company.

Please contact us today if you are interested in discussing a partnership with RAzOR Capital.

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