Debt Purchasing

RAzOR Capital is a national buyer of delinquent consumer receivables. RAzOR Capital’s primary area of debt purchasing revolves around creditor direct credit card portfolios. The principals of RAzOR have an extensive background in credit card collections and purchasing of credit card deals and therefore most of the RAzOR purchasing efforts are placed upon the delinquent credit card market. RAzOR Capital does additionally market, price and purchase other asset class portfolios such as consumer loan portfolios, auto portfolios, DDA portfolios, student loan portfolios, cell phone portfolios, utility portfolios and other unique or niche portfolios that are sold. RAzOR Capital is also active in the re-trade portfolio market when the right portfolios are available for purchase opportunities for the company

The RAzOR principals have purchased over 2 BILLION dollars in distressed consumer portfolios in the last five years of doing business through a number of companies. The prior company started by the principals of RAzOR was sold to a publicly traded company which became a top five debt purchaser in the nation in its second year of doing business.

RAzOR Capital has distinct market advantages as a national debt buyer due to its comprehensive analytical functions used for debt purchasing as well as a long track record of substantial and profitable debt purchases made over the last decade. RAzOR also has unique deal access to portfolio sales that most debt purchasers do not have. RAzOR also has market advantages in regards to its capital funding structure that allows for successful debt portfolio purchases.

Please contact us if you are interested in discussing sales of delinquent consumer receivables. We specialize in working with credit card issuers and sellers who have not sold delinquent debt portfolios before. We are always interested in win-win relationships with sellers of debt portfolios!

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Debt Sales

RAzOR Capital is a seller of delinquent consumer receivables. RAzOR sells national portfolios of debt that it has purchased to other buyers of debt portfolios. RAzOR has extensive debt contacts that it leverages for portfolio purchasing. RAzOR then at times will employ a secondary strategy of selling the portfolios downstream to other buyers along the life cycle of the portfolio. RAzOR also sells single state portfolios to state buyers, regional portfolios to regional buyers and niche portfolios to niche buyers. RAzOR Capital is a large national buyer of portfolios and due to the extensive coverage that it has across the debt industry the company generally has portfolios available for secondary buyers of debt.

RAzOR Capital is very sensitive to important obligations placed upon debt sellers. RAzOR acts with integrity in regards to all deals that are offered and sold to purchasing partners. RAzOR understands the importance of a direct and clean chain of title for all deals as well as the importance for clear standards on media availability. These items are addressed clearly in all debt sales done by the company. RAzOR prides itself on strong post-sales support for all transactions and there is a team available to handle all post-sales work at RAzOR.

RAzOR will make general market offerings for portfolio sales as well as negotiate direct point to point exclusive offerings for select customers and partners. RAzOR is interested in win-win relationships with buyers and many former buyers are now long-term strategic partners for the company. References are available upon request for any potential customer and partner.

Please contact us if you are interested in portfolio sales from RAzOR Capital. We will send you an NDA and keep you up to date on general offerings. We are also open to discussions about exclusive offerings that you may be looking for to help you succeed with your debt buying business!

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Debt Brokering

RAzOR Capital brokers delinquent consumer debt deals to partners at the National, regional and state levels currently. Our long-standing relationships and connections in the debt industry foster unique deal access in the industry that most other companies do not have. RAzOR leverages these connections to help build brokering partnerships with other companies.

RAzOR Capital can source, locate, purchase and re-sell debt deals to partner companies at the National level for any stage of debt from fresh debt, to aged debt to out of statute debt. RAzOR has access to credit card deals, as well as most alternate asset class deals that are sold as delinquent consumer receivables.

RAzOR Capital currently has an extensive state level re-sale network in place. We are open and welcome to adding new state-level buyers to the existing network of partners that are now in place to buy state debt deals. Razor has a strong history of knowledge and success in regards to state debt deals and this experience is used to help our state level partners become successful.

Please contact us with your purchasing needs and we will work to have your needs filled in a timely manner for you. Razor is interested in building win-win relationships with our broker partners and we look forward to working with new partners!

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